Bicycled – A Bike Made Out of Cars

BICYCLED » A bike made out of cars

BICYCLED » A bike made out of cars

I got an email the other days from Nicolás Gomez telling me of a new project he’s started at LOLA Madrid called Bicycled. The aim of the project is to create new bicycles from old car scraps. I thought it was a really neat and novel idea so I thought I’d share it with you.

Nicolás tells me that the idea for the project came about from their experiences of being an advertising agency. He says that creating products that connect with people is what they do on a daily bases and for them, Bicycled is simply the perfect example of that. They are concerned about where the world is going now and the project is built from the belief that it’s always better to do then to say.

At Bicycled, bikes are handmade; created by bicycle shop owners. Chains are made from old transmission belts, indicator lights become reflective lights and car upholstery becomes seats and handlebars. Each bicycle is made out of real car parts so it means that no two bikes will ever be the same. Hopefully all this is just the beginning of the project and we’ll get to see more and more parts of old cars being used to become new and inventive bicycles.

As a cycle enthusiast I think it’s great to see a project as inventive as this. It’s terrific to see old cars becoming more a efficient, ecological and healthier means of transportation. You can check out the Bicycled website here and maybe even think about ordering yourself a new bike!

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