André Carrilho’s Live Illustrations for Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue

Andre Carrilho's live illustration for Vanity Fair

Live illustration by Andre Carrilho

The Academy Awards are airing this Sunday, and in anticipation of the event, Vanity Fair has dedicated its March issue to all things Hollywood. To be fair, they do this every March, but this year’s issue sees Tinseltown through an illustration made popular 80 years ago. In 1933, caricaturist Miguel Covarrubias illustrated the brightest stars of the time against a Malibu beach backdrop. This year,  artist André Carrilho riffs on the theme but takes it a step further by filming his entire process—from freehand drawing to Photoshop rendering.

The Malibu beach theme was revisited once before back in 1995, by the artist Robert Risko, who illustrated the most important stars of the mid-90s (i.e. Madonna, Cher, Streisand, and Schwarzenegger). Carrilho’s work this year echoes both Risko and Covarrubias’s artistic spirit in the same witty and detailed way. But as you watch his illustration captured on video, it makes you wonder how Covarrubias was able to draw all he did without a computer back in 1933. It’s a reminder of the enduring power of a gifted hand and how much is possible with our current technology. Watch it all come to life here.

Live Illustration by Andre Carrilho

Live illustration by Andre Carrilho

Vanity Fair Malibu beach scene by Andre Carrilho

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