Google Glass gets real

Google Glass

Google Glass

Earlier this morning Google launched an official site for their newest hardware project: Google Glass. The project has been around for about a year now but now it seems like Google is actively trying to get the product into the hands of real consumers. On the site you can apply to become a “Glass Explorer” by simply telling the company over Google+ or Twitter #ifihadglass what you would do with them. Oh and you have to pony up $1500. No big deal.

Projects like Glass, I suppose I should really start calling it a product, get me excited because it proves we’re ready to move past the idea of data only coming to us through a phone shape. Google has chosen the face as the best place to receive and send information, while supposedly Apple will be bringing computing to the wrist. I’m not certain if either of these locations are any good for giving us large amounts of data, it’s still uncharted territory. I wouldn’t dismiss anything until we can try these devices for ourselves.

Perhaps though we can soon start to let out our inner Geordi La Forge and Dick Tracy?

February 20, 2013