The Coolest Wooden Handbags by Haydanhuya

Haydanhuya Large Oak Bag

Gökhan Eryaman doesn’t consider himself a carpenter or designer. The maker of everything sold under the Haydanhuya Wooden Things umbrella would rather label his beautiful and functional pieces as nothing more than impassioned products of a self-professed wood lover. He cares so much about what he makes that every product sold comes with a 15-day trial period that urges you to return it if you’re not satisfied. Eryaman’s mantra is this: “It is meaningless to pay for something that you would not use for a long time.”

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, he began carving lime wood into vessels that could eventually hold something. Limiting himself to one or two pieces of wood, he crafts oak, walnut, and lime into everything from wooden purses and briefcases to modern looking wallets. Each piece is handmade and built to last with a nod towards gaining character from use over a period of time. It’s incredible to think that one single piece of wood can be molded into such a streamlined and functional wallet. Or that a women’s handbag—in two sizes for carrying your necessary sundries like a phone, lipstick and sunglasses—can be durable and even more appealing with age. I could go on and on with how enthusiastic I am about Eryaman’s work, but I’ll let you discover more including his ethos and behind-the-scenes work here.

Haydanhuya Oak shoulder bag

Haydanhuya Oak Bag interior

Haydanhuya Oak Wallet

Haydanhuya Oak Hole Wallet

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