Party Wall, a brand new installation at MoMA PS1 by CODA

Party Wall by CODA at MoMA PS1

Party Wall by CODA at MoMA PS1

Last week, the Serpentine Gallery announced their selection of Sou Fujimoto to design this year’s Serpentine Pavilion. Here in the U.S. we have a summer pavilion of our own, built in the courtyard of one of of our own art galleries, MoMA PS1. This year, the winner of MoMA’s Young Architect’s Program is CODA, whose proposal Party Wall will be a free-standing steel structure that utilizes waste as a resource.

Party Wall by CODA at MoMA PS1

That’s because the project’s steel frame will be covered with an intricate pattern of plywood left over from skateboard manufacturing. It makes a stunning pattern as the wooden remnants are rotated and reflected to make an interlocking, tessellated pattern. Like all five finalists, this project provides shade, seating and water while demonstrating a sustainably built environment. The fact that it looks fantastic is just a bonus.

You can read more about Party Wall and CODA by clicking here.

Bobby Solomon

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