Top Five From LAIY: Week Of February 11

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of February 11

The Art Of Communication: An Interview With A.L. Steiner
A.L. Steiner is a fabulous artist whose work is very confrontational in that she challenges you to understand issues in our society. For such serious work, she’s actually quite a funny lady. We had a great time hearing her history in publishing through her art practice now. Everything connects!

140 Years Of The 501
Levi’s recently had a big birthday party for their 501 in Los Angeles and they built some elaborate, beautiful art installations to tell the history of the jean from 1863 up until now. It was a great, arty effort by such a big brand and it served as the venue for the birthday. We wish more people could have seen them in person but, alas, they were struck after a day.

Curators Andrew Bernardini & Lauren Mackler Take Set Pieces To Milan
Angelenos Andrew Bernardini and Lauren Mackler recently curated a show at Milan’s Cardi Black Box that saw many contemporary LA artists working together for a collaborative show. Tasking art people like Liz Glynn and Sarah Cain to make sets, artists built out these living spaces or fake performance spaces, three dimensional parts of an art space that were then populated and embellished with artwork by other LA artists. It’s a great concept and cool sounding show that brings LA art outside of LA. We chatted with the curators about the process.

A Peek Inside The Brand New Topshop
This may be old news to you people in Europe and in New York and Chicago but we Angelenos just got a flossy new Topshop/Topman and we are dying. It’s two stories of bright colors, detailed fun clothes, flossy accessories, and more. We were pumped to get to take a sneak peek at the store but, really, we likely won’t be able to get back there for weeks because there will be a forcefield of shoppers surrounding the store for a very long time.

All around rad guys and art bros Will Bryant and Eric Trine are in Los Angeles this weekend for a cool little collaborative art show at Poketo. The two drove all the way down from Portland for it and we had the chance to have a quick convo about what went into making #AlleyOopLA. For anyone of you guys who follow the two guys on Instagram, you’ll want to check this out to find out what exactly they were up to.

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