Stunning Set Design by Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker's prop styling work

It’s hard not to be drawn to the set design and prop styling of Sarah Parker. The London-based designer’s editorial work favors washes of color and idiosyncratic imagery so arresting you want to rip her pages out of magazines and paste them onto your wall (or, in the case of her fan following on Pinterest, pin them wildly to a bunch of design boards). Her work has already been featured in AnOther Magazine, Wallpaper*, Mr. Porter, and the British Fashion Council, and you can see why. Not only does Parker have an eye for juxtaposing pastels with metallic sheen, she can transform a room with simple cube forms or make beauty products interesting with a few strips of colored tape.

Her skilled DIY aesthetic is infectious, too. Who knew a spray painted pinecone in the most perfect shade of lavender might make a great jewelry holder? Or that mint green looks fantastic with every other color including orange? Parker’s work is bold and precise, simple yet elegant, and though its purpose is seemingly to showcase other products, it’s worthy of broadcasting all on its own.

Sarah Parker menswear set design

Sarah Parker's prop styling work

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