Hold Your Breath – A Film Review of ‘Voice Over’

Voice Over - Film Poster

Admittedly, there have been moments in my life when I have lead a causal game of “Would You Rather” in a politically incorrect and permissive environment. My invented questions lump implausible on top absurd and usually force the person on the other end to choose some type of excruciating embarrassment as their out. I have come to terms with the possibility that there may be others out there who probably play as dirty as me. What I never would have assumed is that this concept could be translated on film into a story so powerful and moving. Martin Rosete (Director) and Luiso Berdejo (Screenplay) uses a type of “Would You Rather” approach in their award winning short film, Voice Over.

In Voice Over, three accidents occur at the same time in different parts of the world. A spacecraft crashes into an unknown planet, a solider is maimed in battle, and a fisherman’s boat capsizes. All equally as life threatening and tension building as the previous, the odds for survival tower over them and drain all hope of rescue. Representing the past, present and future, the Astronaut, the Solider and the Fisherman are each dealt a task that must be completed to ensure survival. Their nexus point is urgency and their sole impediment is time. The narration of French actor Feodor Atkine, envelops each storyline with a baritone chill, reminiscent of the narration in Jean-Luc Godard’s neo-noir film Alphaville.

Winner at the Chicago International Film Festival, official Selection at the Tribeca Film Festival, and named one of the best films of 2012 on Vimeo, the production of Voice Over is outstanding and intoxicating. Roste’s direction and Berdejo’s script, will plunge you into a fit of anxiety that can only be chained with its surprise and heart-warming treat at the end.

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