Beauty in minimilisim – ‘Gray Keys’ by Carlo Vega

Screenshot from Gray Keys

Screenshot from Gray Keys

I stumbled across Carlo Vega’s work on Vimeo the other night and was properly impressed. The New York based artist seems to work predominately as a painter but when he mixes his personal work with his commercial work as a motion-graphics artist things get really interesting.

Originally from Lima in Peru, Vega grew up during a time of political turmoil and domestic terrorism. For the artist this time played an important role in his cognitive foundations. During his early years he learned about geometry and the perfection of logic from his mathematician grandfather, and from his Catholic surroundings he absorbed the importance of iconography and spiritual mystery.

Watching his video “Gray Keys” with this knowledge makes everything fit into place. It’s a beautiful little video which finds beauty and mystery through geometry and iconography. The music is of course by the wonderful Chilly Gonzales. Check out more of Carlo’s work here.

February 14, 2013