‘Children Pharmacy’ Packaging from Sweden

Child Pharmacy by Emmelie Golabiewski

Emmelie Golabiewski is an illustrator based in Stockholm. I found her work via various internet wormholes and was completely charmed by her “Children Pharmacy” project, an illustrated packaging series featuring everything from a toothbrush and toothpaste stored in an open mouth to tissue dispensed out of a nose. Her work is whimsical, wonderful, and eye-catching… literally.

Aside from a mouth and nose, the series features a pink finger I can only assume is for band-aids and small packages adorned with eyeballs and eyelashes that could possibly hold eye drops. Though I’m assuming they’re all designed for children, these could work for adults, too, as any sucker for packaging can attest. Check out more from Golabiewski, including her watercolor paintings and beautifully detailed pencil drawings, here.

Child Pharmacy by Emmelie Golabiewski

Child Pharmacy tissue packaging by Emmelie Golabiewski

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