Top Five From LAIY: Week Of February 4

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of February 4

The Modern Witch: An Interview With Marty Windahl
You guys like tarot readers? You guys like horoscopes? Well, we have a creative interpretation of these concepts by LA artist and general rad lady Marty Windhal, the lady behind Tarotscopes. Marty’s story is super interesting and represents an artist who has found a means to combine artmaking, spirituality, and general oddity in one form.

INSA Animates Los Angeles
Street artist INSA apparently took to a building in Los Angeles and made a really rad, LA apocalypse mural. This is cool–but you know what else he did? He painted it in a way that he could animate it via .gif. The result are some really spectacular moving pictures.

You guys: we are co-hosting an event tomorrow at The Standard, Hollywood! To get everyone excited, we did a bunch of posts to support it. Check these out!
• We toured Steven Harrington and Justin Krietemeyer’s Auroraborealis.
• We made some Auroraborealis inspired cocktails from Art In The Age spirits./a>
We spoke with Justin Krietemeyer and some folks at National Forest about LA Winters, tacos, and more.
• We spoke with Nite Jewel about her performance!

Shaina Kasanoff’s Wither And Return
Photographer Shaina Kasanoff is quite great. Why? Because she does an excellent job of catching light, very much in the way that Caravaggio did in his paintings. She does quite an excellent job.

Daytrader, A Well Designed Board Game
What happens when a gamer and a design group team up? You get a rad looking game. Recently, Angeleno game guy Samir Lyons and the guys at Italic teamed up to make a board game. The result is a finance game called Daytrader that looks really, really sweet. Help them out on Kickstarter if you want to play it!!

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