Jonathan Burton Illustrates BAFTA’s Film Programs

Jonathan Burton's BAFTA programs of 'Argo' and 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Jonathan Burton's BAFTA Film Awards programs

As I mentioned before in a post about movie poster design, I think it would be exciting if film companies started partnering with independent artists to create better visual marketing for their movies. Thus, it was thrilling to see Jonathan Burton’s BAFTA Film Awards programs showcased on Creative Review’s blog this week. Commissioned to illustrate the ceremony’s programs with images from the five films nominated for Best Film (ArgoZero Dark Thirty, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, and Lincoln), Burton worked to capture the feeling of each movie as a whole rather than recreate any particular scene. The results are stunning with each story aptly summed up in a single image that you’re drawn into even with the absence of a title.

Though most of us will be unable to attend the BAFTA’s in the UK this Sunday, all prints from the programs are currently available for purchase here. Are you reading this, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences?

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