A Look at Music Video Director Vincent Haycock

Vincent Hancock Spiritualized video

Vincent Hancock Jamie Woon video

My favorite music videos have always been the ones disguising themselves as short films. There’s something more powerful about watching a video devoid of the artist who sings it, or one that puts them in a world outside of their projected image. Vincent Haycock is a director working almost exclusively—and brilliantly—in this medium. His videos for the likes of Calvin Harris, Florence Welch, and MSTRKRFT take the ethos and energy of a song and place it in a specific, often hyperrealistic setting. It’s as if the songs are merely the soundtrack to a lush, spare, complex, and deceivingly emotional cinematic journey.

Though I suggest watching all of his videos, if there’s one that stands alone it’s Spiritualized’s “Little Girl”. Set in a bleak Eastern German corridor of burnouts and ruffians, we follow a girl looking to escape her situation and herself. There are early morning rambles through the woods, hazy solo sleepovers, and some of the most stunning motorcycle dance sequences I’ve ever seen. Rather than say too much, I suggest you take it all in for yourself.

Vincent Haycock Florence Welch

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