The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Zack Davenport

 Zack Davenport Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Zack Davenport

Valentine’s Day. It’s that hit or miss holiday that can be amazing or depressing depending upon your current relationship status. Either way we’re serving up a wallpaper that takes a more neutral tone to the idea of love – whether it be toward another person or perhaps the work you do. Today’s wallpaper is from Zack Davenport, a Brooklyn based designer and illustrator who spends his days “making pretty stuff for foursquare.” As per usual for me these days I feel in love with the work on his Dribbble and wanted to work with him on wallpaper immediately. What’s obvious about Zack’s work is that he has a super keen sense for iconography and type, and he an impressive range of styles which he taps into to create a myriad of work from. You definitely can’t pigeonhole him.

For the wallpaper I suggested that we use a quote from Takashi Murakami’s new book Ego which I’d recently been drooling over. The quote comes from the following paragraph.

I get a sense of fulfillment whenever strangers buy my work or merchandise. It’s a compliment that transcends words. Art is a constant give and take between cultural signifiers, and I’m constantly importing and exporting art as both merchandise and culture. I think there are a lot of people who take great pleasure from these transactions of the heart. Whenever I support or directly mediate the process to ensure that it goes smoothly my happiness in direct proportion to the amount of work and effort put into the project.

I think “transactions of the heart” is an interesting concept and I think Zack totally nailed it with his wallpaper. The hands shaking in a heart couldn’t be more iconic. I think the arrow going through the heart/hands also seals the deal pretty well. A huge thanks to Zack for his great work.

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