Beautiful images of Paris in Marion Berrin’s ‘Back to the square’

Marion Berrin - Chaise

Marion Berrin - fleurs

More than anything else I love to travel. New cities, new sights and new sounds are the things that I live for and if you ask me, there’s probably nothing better for you then getting a change of scene and perhaps even gaining some new perspective. While we can’t always be on the move, a good alternative is to catch a glimpse of somewhere new through the eyes of someone else. That’s what I love most about this series of photographs by the Paris-based photographer Marion Berrin; they offer a perfect glimpse into her life in the city.

Called “Back at the square”, her photographs are beautiful and radiate calm. They are the type of images that would make you pack your bags and book a flight to France as soon as you could. I love the gentleness and the way that she captures light. It’s a beautiful collection of images and the whole set is highly recommended. Check it out here.

Marion Berrin - green light 5

Marion Berrin - velo

Marion Berrin - vue