‘The Hobbit’ Book Cover Design by Adam Busby


'The Hobbit' Book Cover Design by Adam Busby

A couple weeks ago I rather uncouthly declared on Twitter that our last Re-Covered Books contest, featuring The Hobbit as the subject, was a flat out disaster. I shortly after received an email from Adam Busby taking me to task about the comment. He had worked hard on his cover and it wasn’t fair to sweep the contest aside. He was right, and I was wrong. He sent me a copy of the cover design he created, and if you ask me, it was quite a winner.

I think what Adam did right with his cover is that he made it feel contemporary but still with a nod to the book because of the hand-made nature to the map in the background. It’s got all sorts of distressed print marks around the edges of the cover which makes it feel like the map has been used numerous times on a number of adventures. The font he chose/created for the title is also full of character, with a lopsided H and an I that’s shorter than the T. The back cover is simple and well organized, exactly what you’d want to see.

Overall I think Adam nailed this and absolutely had a chance of winning the contest. This cover is so spot-on you could imagine it being sold at Anthropologies and Urban Outfitters everywhere. You can see more of Adam’s great work by clicking here.

February 4, 2013