Great Quirky Wooden Sculptures by Merijn Hos

Wood Sculptures at Beginnings NYC - Merijn Hos1

Wood Sculptures at Beginnings NYC - Merijn Hos2

I’ve been following Merijn Hos’s Wooden Sculptures project on Tumblr for the last few weeks and really love the stuff he’s been making. Originally created for a group exhibiton at Stedelijk Museum Kampen, the Dutch artist and illustrators sculptures recently made their way to the States for a solo show at New York’s Beginnings Gallery (pictured above).

Comprising of 109 wooden sculptures, the pieces range in height from 5 to 14 inches and each one is painted in Hos’s unique and vibrant style. Hos says that the work was inspired by the Art Brut and Folk Art movements, and each one was painted with a rather abstract form in a na├»ve way using roughly 24 colors and a uniform brush size. The resulting work is fun and playful and his collection of characters becomes even more impressive when viewed as a set. We’re big fans of Merijn Hos work here on The Fox Is Black so make sure to check out more of what he does by giving his site a little visit!

Wood Sculptures at Beginnings NYC - Merijn Hos3

Wood Sculptures at Beginnings NYC - Merijn Hos

Philip Kennedy

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