Ben Pieratt dreams up a new brand called ‘Hessian’… in order to sell it

Hessian by Ben Pieratt

Hessian by Ben Pieratt

Hessian by Ben Pieratt

What is the point of brand? You’ll probably get different answers depending upon who you ask, but I’d say the point of a strong brand is to communicate the spirit of said brand. So what would happen if you bought a brand and fit the aesthetic to your product? That’s the idea that Ben Pieratt is trying to sell with his new endeavor, Hessian. For $18,000 you can buy the conceptual brand of Hessian from Pieratt who will then make it work for your product. It’s an interesting concept that might put some people off but I think Ben’s head is in the right place.

Ben had a lot of success with Svpply, essentially a consumer bookmarking site, which was bought last year by eBay. But Ben isn’t a business guy, he’s a designer, and designing is his strong suit. So he’s sticking to what he’s good at and letting someone else take care of the business hubbub. Smart idea.

Ben wrote a little bit about why he chose to make Hessian which you can read about here. I think this sums it up well, though.

So it seems to me that in today’s connected environment, there’s no reason designers shouldn’t be able to create designed product packages, and then sell them to entrepreneurs.

This is the thinking that brought me to Hessian. The only difference being that Hessian is lacking an actual product concept, (which was a choice I made for reasons I won’t get into right now). However, that will not be the case for the next few ideas/brands/products I try and sell! In the future they will be full packages, from product concept to product design and brand, and I will try to sell them for significantly more than $18k.

I don’t think anyone has bought Hessian yet but it was only released last week, so time will tell. From what I gathered from his Twitter he’s excited for other designers to adopt this concept and use it for themselves. I think it’s a great idea and I’d love to see more designers breaking conventional paradigms like Ben has with Hessian.

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