Top Five From LAIY: Week of January 28

Top Five From LAIY: Week of January 28

Making The Arts District: An Interview With Michael Smith and Tyler Stonebreaker of Creative Space
Creative Space is a Downtown Los Angeles company headed by Michael Smith and Tyler Stonebreaker whose job is to bridge the real estate world to the creative world. They breakdown business jargon down to what every day people can understand and get cool businesses cool spaces. The most important thing that they do is study the city to see which parts of town are worth a damn and how a brand could be enhanced by their being there. Case in point? The Arts District. They’re the guys responsible for getting Poketo, Handsome Coffee, and so many more brands down there.

Ben Medansky’s Ceramics
Ceramicist Ben Medansky is a really, really fantastic. He makes really lighthearted and fun pieces that don’t seem like they can be solid materials. They slump and they tangle and they are absolutely great. He ties in lots of kitschy influences in to make these art pieces and many of them are very functional. They’re affordable, too.

Olive Oil From Fig & Olive
We recently got to check out some fancy olive oil courtesy of Melrose Place’s Fig & Olive. It really is nice! You don’t think about how great fancy olive oil is until you try it. The packaging and presentation of the bottle is quite nice, too.

CJ “Big Ceej” Jacobson At The Mercantile
This was big for us: Hollywood’s The Mercantile had a menu makeover courtesy of Top Chef’s CJ “Big Ceej” Jacobson. We got to have a special dinner made by him that was a taste of their new offerings. They’re insane! They’re definitely California country mixed with comfort food. We didn’t eat for a day following this meal.

Austin Irving’s CAVES
Austin Irving is a Los Angeles based photographer who has recently been obsessed with tourist caves. Why tourist caves? They represent how we humans have tried to modify nature to our liking and to our idea of what a natural item should be. It’s super fascinating and her work is on view for a brief period of time in LA.

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