Beautiful Landscapes Drawn by Liam Stevens

Liam Stevens - A View of Edo

Liam Stevens - Grizzly Falls v2

Liam Stevens - Tenaya Canyon

Liam Stevens - The witness zine

When I saw these drawings by the London-based image-maker and designer Liam Stevens I instantly fell for them. Drawn simply with pencil, I find that his drawings are so beautifully crafted. I love his use of expressive lines and the way that each image is so richly detailed.

As well as drawings, Liam’s portfolio displays an array of work covering a variety of media. From paper-cut abstractions to digital designs, and from animation to typographic design, his work is certainly diverse and yet he still manages to maintain an unmistakable aesthetic that’s truly his own. You can view more of what he does online here and also make sure to take a visit to MakeMake Studio, a fantastic animation studio he co-formed with Chris Tozer for motion experimentation and animation. What a truly talented chap!

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