The Art of Cinema: Polish Movie Posters

Polish movie posters: Rosemary's Baby, Amelie, Twin Peaks

Polish movie posters: Godzilla and The Knack and How to Get It

Polish movie posters: Pulp Fiction and Alphaville

Polish movie posters: Gremlins and Young Frankenstein

I have long wondered why most movie posters are boring. There are legions of talented artists producing their own versions that are often much better than what is ultimately chosen. If there’s one country that has embraced the art of the cinema poster wholeheartedly, though, it’s Poland. Known for their use of abstract imagery, pop cartoons, and just all-around trippy interpretations, the artistry is mind blowing. Spare and literal, the images tend to reflect the subject matter in an uncanny way. Who wouldn’t want to see a movie about a bob-haired girl named Amelie with flowers exploding out of her eyes or Pulp Fiction in the style of Roy Lichtenstein? From a super creepy ’80s-style Rosemary’s Baby to a hilarious version of Gremlins, I’d be thrilled to see all of these movies (again) on the poster art alone. Have you ever seen gangster movies so ingeniously rendered?

Polish movie posters of The Godfather and Serpico