Modern Woodworking by Pana Objects

Pana Tofu Set

Pana Shady Clock

Pana Small Ville Charger Covers

Pana Snappi Wall Hangers

It’s easy to be attracted to the array of beautifully designed wooden products by Thailand’s Pana Objects. Created by a group of design friends whose aim is to infuse modern life with the simplicity of woodworking,  they craft white ash wood and maple into everything from faceted wall clocks to wooden caps for iPhone chargers in the shapes of airplanes, mountaintops, and clouds. Desk accessories like the Tofu set, a series of six blocks shaped to hold pencils and paper clips, seem to put the fun back into functional.

Pana’s vow to “make your life more fun and meaningful” is directly reflected in everything they create, whether you’re in need of an iPad stand or a set of button wall hooks. Oh, and just in case you need a wooden lamp that moves like a playful puppy? They’ve got that, too. Check out their full collection here.

Pana Frank Lamp