Kyle Bean and the Art of Handcrafted Design

Kyle Bean dragonfly

Kyle Bean chicken prop

Kyle Bean Plane

Kyle Bean instruments

With entertainment seemingly going the way of 3D and CGI these days, I find my preferences leaning more towards the handmade. Not that I’m a purist or anything, but I love the mechanics of built sets and costumes  (hello, Muppets). I’m so inspired by some of our posts this week, like Philip’s piece about Shugo Tokumaru’s plastic silhouette music video, that I’d like to highlight the art of prop styling. We flip through magazines or watch videos sometimes not realizing that an enormous amount of work has gone into the creation of what we experience in seconds. Kyle Bean is an artist who comes to mind.

A well-respected British designer who has worked with dozens of publications and brands, Bean’s work involves using simple materials to reinterpret everyday things. Meticulous and beautiful, his pieces capture your attention beyond just the story he’s trying to tell through them; the construction alone is a story in itself. From a dragonfly built out of matches and a chicken made of eggshells to a modern version of the paper airplane, his work inspires. I had a hard time choosing images, but you can enjoy them all here.

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