Top Five From LAIY: Week Of January 21

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of January 21

No Finish Line: An Interview With Alan Stuart of One Long House
Alan Stuart is restless. He’s a designer type who is never satisfied. Case in point? One Long House, his small-but-big-impact design agency recently based in Los Angeles. Stuart does great work with his team and has some super insightful words for anyone who wants to start their own creative agency.

Downtown’s Art District is very much an “It” neighborhood. What doesn’t it–or Downtown–have? High fashion. There is some weird gap down there. Well, that gap is gone: new store 12345 is like a small Opening Ceremony full of playful goodies and setup like a fashion wonderland. There’s even a peephole to take a look inside the store! They’re brand new and you’re going to want to dog ear them in your retail handbook.

The Los Angeles Drink Map
After over a year, we have finally released one of LAIY’s founding features: a map of cocktails and bars recommended to you by the people we have shared in our Featured Interview series. If you are visiting Los Angeles or live here or just want to hear where people drink in LA, this map is for you. We’ll be updating it every Wednesday and we expect everyone to use this as their drinking resource.

Kelly Massey’s Painted Scarves
For some reason, we got it in our heads this week that we wanted to share cool scarves. This is probably because the weather keeps flip flopping from hot to cold but we wanted to share something pretty and functional. Anyway, Kelly Massey’s scarves did just that for us because they are all made from patterns that she paints with watercolors. How pretty! And functional.

See You Later, Scott
LA filmmaker Matthew Miller sent us his film See You Later, Scott and it is the perfect thing to watch on a rainy, Wintry Southern California day. Part dreamy, part nature lust, part travel film, you get wrapped into this strange and quiet world that happens when you get lost in the wilderness. It’s very pretty and the closing credits are pretty rad, too.

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