The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ryan Hamrick

Ryan Hamrick Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Ryan Hamrick

This week’s wallpaper Pittsburgh based designer and illustrator Ryan Hamrick is giving us a beautiful, script based wallpaper to light up our desktops. Ryan sent me a link to his work, I think specifically his Dribbble account, and I was immediately taken by all the fantastic type/calligraphy he’d done. For his wallpaper he chose to use a quote from one of his favorite songs for inspiration.

I decided to letter a quote from what’s probably my favorite song of 2012 from my favorite album of 2012. Geographer’s Kites from the album Myth.

The awesome background texture, which I thought looked like tree bark, was done in Illustrator, borrowed from the colors of the album. Overall I’m totally in love with this wallpaper. I can’t believe the details in this piece, I feel like if I tried something like this it would take me weeks. A huge thanks to Ryan for contributing such a stunning wallpaper.

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