Top Five From LAIY: Week Of January 14

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of January 14

Painting With Patterns: An Interview With Alika Cooper
Alika Cooper is a Los Angeles artist who you would describe as a painter but she isn’t making what you would call paintings now. They’re kind of like paintings but they’re a lot more like collages but even she is not sure what to call them as they are pieces on canvas having to do with the female body and femininity done through cut fabric. They are incredibly detailed works for being made of *just* fabric and represent an artist challenging herself to make differently–and redefine what it is to make a painting.

Clover Canyon + Alexandra Grant
Los Angeles fashion label Clover Canyon recently teamed up with LA artist Alexandra Grant to make a small collection of clothes. Clover Canyon is known for their very bright and hyper-patterened clothes. This style paired perfectly with Grant’s own pattern making and recent use of text in her work, both of which were the basis for these super chic outfits. The collection is made in support of a show up at LAXART and 20% of sales goes to the aforementioned art non-profit art space. We need to see more people wearing these!

Metro’s New Canopies
It was mentioned last year that some Metro stations were going to get some canopies over the top from them to add a little architectural flair and protection from the elements to stations. We had noticed they were being constructed over the past few months but all of a sudden they were complete at the 1st and Hill Civic Center station. We took a bunch of photos and had to share. They look great!

A Crane Castle In Arcadia
We didn’t know if we wanted to share this story or not but we will: in Northeast Los Angeles in Arcadia, hidden within a little strip mall at the far corner of a Japanese bazaar is an entire shop of just toy crane games. You can win anything from stuffed Hello Kittys to an iPad Mini. It’s super crazy place and will certainly suck ten dollars out of your pocket, easily.

Thanh Nguygen’s Arrogant Bastard Conceptual Recpackaging
This is a few years old but really great: local designer Thanh Nguygen repackaged California beer brand Arrogant Bastard’s beers to look a lot more sophisticated. This redo of the packaging is clean and simple and still is very much on brand for the Arrogant Bastard. Someone needs to hire Nguygen to adapt this look to their beers!

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