Instagram Food Collages by Julie Lee

julie lee food collage

I discovered Julie Lee’s gorgeous food collages on Instagram. Vibrant, spare, and beautifully arranged, she shoots them after visits to various farmers markets in Los Angeles or before tackling a recipe. She often includes tips and tidbits to inspire her followers, too: “To keep your kitchen game tight, buy food that you aren’t familiar working with. Today, for me, it’s celeriac & pineapple guava.”

Aside from her collages, Lee seems to be adept at making tomato jam, ginger-molasses ketchup, and various forms of popcorn with toppings like pulverized miso seasoning powder and guava smoked sea salt. She also assembles quick bites and describes the ingredients so you can recreate them at home. Her Instagram account seems to be her most active blog. Thus, here’s hoping we see more how-tos or step-by-step photos on how to make potato mole chilaquiles. Follow her @julieskitchen.

Julie Lee food collage duo