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If, like me, you’ve always wanted Willy Wonka to exist in real life, you’re in luck, he does. But he’s actually split into two gentlemen and prefers jelly substances over chocolate. Sam Bompas and Harry Parr are the modern day equivalent of the chocolate factory impresario, and since 2007, they’ve been turning the wildest of culinary dreams into whimsical reality as the duo Bompas & Parr. What began as a business constructing architectural gelatin sculptures (which we’ve raved about before), has since morphed into immersive wonderlands that defy imagination.

Teaming with big brands and singular artists alike, they’re always keen to challenge both the palate and the imagination. In the last year, they’ve created everything from a London landmark mini golf course made of gigantic cakes to a neon green, sugar-substitute river with working rowboats on the roof of Selfridges department store. For Mercedes Benz, they offered their take on the American drive thru complete with “Big Merc” burgers sandwiched between doughnuts and salmi-scented air fresheners designed to dangle from rear view mirrors.

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Bompas & Parr have also been working with artists to bring otherworldly visions to life. Their collaboration with Ryan Hopkinson involved the exploding of gelatin which, when photographed, resemble intergalactic jellyfish. But lest you think they starting to veer too far astray from Willy Wonka’s candy-based legacy, let me assure you that not only have they designed a chocolate waterfall, they constructed a chocolate climbing wall, too. And their latest endeavor, the cookbook Feasting, lets you bring their magic into your own home. Who wouldn’t want to sip a complex cocktail next to a towering cityscape of ambrosial delights?

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