The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Michele Miller

Michele Miller wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Michele Miller

Leading up to our week of food themed posts, I started to think about who could create a really beautiful food based wallpaper. I wasn’t quite sure who to reach out to, until I started looking through the photos of Michael Graydon that I needed to ask my good friend Michele Miller. Michele is an Art Center grad who studied fine art and illustration and has an incredible talent for drawing, which in my opinion she doesn’t do enough of. She also has an intense love for oysters, just like myself, and in fact we make good oyster eating buddies because we like the opposite types of oysters: I prefer the creamy ones, she likes the briny, salty ones.

As for her wallpaper I think it’s stunning, it’s everything that’s perfect and beautiful about an oyster. Her wallpaper also made me remember how very… carnal oysters are. If Georgia O’Keefe would have made art around foods instead of flowers I think she absolutely would have chosen the oyster. I’m sure that not everyone appreciates oysters the way that Michele and I do, so this wallpaper is dedicated to those like us. Whether you like oysters naked, with lemon or with a bit of mignonette, this wallpaper is for you.

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