Addicted to Packaging Illustrator Anna Rodighiero




I’m a sucker for food packaging. Whether it’s a foreign foods market or the specialty section of the grocery store, I’m attracted to products with panache. Italian artist Anna Rodighiero is equally as afflicted it seems, though she takes her affinity a step further on Packaging Addicted, a blog devoted to illustrating package design. Asking readers to submit photos of their favorite foods or interesting packaging they’ve encountered on trips, Rodighiero then draws her own whimsical version of the products.

She’s tackled everything from Chinese cookies and Nutella to Thai curry paste and English jelly candies. Her addiction encompasses her professional work, too. Aside from creating a version of her resume as a pizza recipe, Rodigheiro has interpreted the work of Julia Child as well as given pickles a whole new identity.


January 16, 2013 / By