Artistic Appetite: Food Works by Sarah Illenberger

Sarah Illenbeger McForest

Sarah Illenberger strange fruits

Sarah Illenberger discipline campaign

Sarah Illenberger Die PilzesammlerSarah Illenberger isn’t your average artist. For one, she uses food as inspiration and recreates it in handmade ways. Opting not to use a computer, Illenberger instead constructs bacon out of paper, reconfigures pineapples into disco balls, and carves mushrooms out of french bread. She works alone out of a studio in Berlin, and though her work is undoubtedly meticulous, it’s always infused with a sense of humor.

“McForest” sees a fast food burger built out of various cuts of wood, the bun sanded smooth and the meat realistically textured. “Strange Fruit” transforms various kitchen staples like carrots into lipstick and pears into balloons. With both editorial and commercial clients like Wallpaper and Nike, Illenberger’s work is also available to the masses via a self-titled monograph book from Gestalten—featuring everything from paper meals to a dress made entirely of green vegetables—as well as through prints available in her online shop.

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