Top Five From LAIY: Week Of January 7

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of January 7

Beauty, Decay, and Art Making In Los Angeles: An Interview With Amir H. Fallah
Amir Fallah is a brilliant Los Angeles painter. His works are bright and realistic, full of fantasy yet takes on still life. He is making truly modern portraiture. You know what else he does? He started Beautiful/Decay, a printed institution of contemporary art. After over a decade dedicated to the project, Fallah is now focusing on his own art. We’re pumped to have gotten to share what he’s doing as he transitions from writer/blogger/art enthusiast to full time artist. He’s going places!

Kevin Appel’s Screen (Double Desert Inverted)
We shared artist Kevin Appel’s story months ago and we noticed there was a pattern up on his wall that he mentioned being a project he was working on. That project was finally revealed and it is a wall decal/installation with Maharam titled Screen (Double Desert Inverted. The piece plays into his desert/Salton Sea gazing aesthetic and makes it so you can have a triangular desert in your space.

Jimmy Brings You 2013 and Jeremy Rendina’s 2013 Moon Calendars
We somehow forgot that this was the time of year for calendars. Two caught our eye. The first is a series of twelve posters by local queer zine JIMMY that sees local performance artist and dancer Ryan Heffinton and his Lady Boys shot by Daniel Trese. The other calendar is a letterpress by Jeremy Rendina that is a way to watch how the moon changes in the year but also how time passes. It’s a very interesting piece. Both are available for purchase now.

Reasons To Love Los Angeles
We love New York magazine. We wish LA had an equivalent of New York! Sadly we don’t. Anyway, every year New York publishes a super fucking obnoxious issue titled Reasons To Love New York that is essentially a way for them to masturbate all over themselves about how ~*~cOoL~*~ their city is. It is so gross. After years of getting this issue in the mail, we decided to tell them we can be as annoying and elitist. Thus, our Reasons To Love Los Angeles.

Inside Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater
If you have lived in Los Angeles for at least a year, Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater has caught your eye at one point or another as an intriguing and somewhat confusing institution. Have you ever been inside? Probably not–and most people haven’t! Thus, enjoy this very well made short film that takes a step inside of the marionette theater to see what goes on inside of there. Now we just have to see a show there…

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