Invisible Creature’s Eye Creature LEGO Set

Invisible Creature's Eye Creature LEGO Set

Invisible Creature's Eye Creature LEGO Set

Everyone loves LEGO, it’s like a scientific fact at this point. The tiny plastic blocks have found a way to transcend the very idea that they’re only made for kids… or perhaps they’re made for the child inside all of us? The guys from Invisible Creature, Don and Ryan Clark, recently created six very special gifts for their clients utilizing LEGO blocks, creating a DIY version of their classic mummified cyclops icon.

We love our clients. We love Lego. So why not combine the two? For our annual Client Holiday gift this year, we decided to design a custom Eye Creature Lego kit. Edition of 6 sets. 444 pieces. 4 instruction booklets. 8 different mouth combinations – and a hinged top that allows the owner to store all kinds of fun items (as shown below). We even found 2 extremely cute kids from 1972 in my house that wanted to participate in the box design.

This is such a sweet idea, in my opinion. Can you imagine being the lucky recipient of a present like this? It makes me want to try my hand at making a black fox out of LEGO! Be sure to watch the video above to see how they did it.

January 11, 2013