The VH1 Logo Gets A Much Needed Refresh

New VH1 Logo

Yesterday VH1 announced an updated logo thanks to the folks at Gretel, finally ditching the outdated logo they’ve had since the 2000s. The update is certainly clean and well structured, the letterforms are bold and strong, and the purple color is definitely a stand out. From a purely aesthetic point of view, it’s definitely an upgrade.

But. I have to question the idea of the plus sign in the logo. I get it, you’re combining all the best things. So it’s awesome + vintage + magic + whatever. Or it’s +1. No matter which way you interpret it, it’s kind of a dated concept. Then there’s the on-air usage of the logo. In the first video below you see some more classic sort of uses of the logo, things that feel familiar to the brand. But then in the second video it’s a whole lot of cheesy plus sign dancing and whatever. Not my cup of tea.

Overall I feel extremely mixed about this rebrand. Aesthetically it’s well done, but the plus sign metaphor already seems dated to me. Hopefully they move on from this over-abundance of plus signs and continue forward with the extremely strong mark they now possess.

January 7, 2013 / By