‘Kneel Before Religious Icons’ by Vatican Shadow

Vatican Shadow

Say what you will about electronic music, but in 2012 EDM emerged as THE style of mainstream pop. Boy bands, rappers, divas and DJs have whipped the world into one nation under a groove. We’re all just dancing along, somehow.

Fortunately that means there is ample room for growth and rebirth of genres on the fringes of the genre. Dominick Fernow remains one of those music makers that takes steps away from conventional electronica, as evidenced in his new project Vatican Shadow. Also known as the widely prolific noise rock/industrial “band” Prurient AND as a member of Cold Cave, his trademark feedback-enriched sounds and industrial grooves dominate this project. This EP, Kneel Before Religious Icons, churns and slogs through industrial, almost Gothic rhythms. Each track has been purified and muddied via cassette, allowing additional layering and distortion. The repetition to grind away the initial rhythms and minimal (if any) melodies. This deconstruction of melodies into drones and then into mere echoes, crawling under your skin, are elusive and enchanting all at once.

January 7, 2013 / By