Check out Pulp’s ‘After You’ (Produced by James Murphy)


Since 2013 started all I seem to be listening to is this great new track from Pulp! Given as “a little present” to fans at a recent gig in the band’s hometown of Sheffield, the track is the group’s first release in ten years. Originally demoed back in 2000, the song was recently re-recorded back in November and produced by former LCD Soundsystem’s front-man James Murphy.

The pairing couldn’t be better. Murphy adds a wonderful touch of his quintessential groove to Cockers’ cheeky and charming lyrics and the whole thing is as energetic as it is seductive. The track is a fitting send-off for the band who recently concluded a two-year long reunion tour. It’s sad to see them sail into the sunset, but it’s hard to mourn too much when you’re listening to a song as fun as this.

January 7, 2013 / By