Whatever Happened To The Jinhua Architecture Park?

Jinhua Architecture Park Evan Chakroff

Jinhua Architecture Park Evan Chakroff

Between 2002 and 2006 artist Ai Wei Wei curated the design and oversaw the construction of the Jinhua Architecture Park in Jinhua, China. The seventeen pavilions that sit in the park are from the desks of some of the most talented architects working today, so it was surprising to see that the structures completed just ten years ago are in a premature state of decay. Evan Chakroff, who took these pictures, has written a long piece about the park, the tradition of Chinese gardens, and how these structures are slowly “disappearing into the landscape.” His takeaway from visiting the park is that architecture, like art, must be maintained and repaired if it is expected to survive for very long. What’s less clear is how long the structures in Jinhua were expected to endure in the first place.

Alex Dent

January 3, 2013 / By