‘That Will Be The Day’ – An audio/visual collaboration between Aldo Aréchar & Mr. Div

Screenshot from That Will Be The Day 1

Screenshot from That Will Be The Day 2

That Will Be The Day is a great audio/visual collaboration between composer Aldo Aréchar and the motion graphics artist Matthew DiVito. I’ve been a fan of DiVito’s work for a while (particularly the GIFs he makes under the alias Mr. Div), and was really excited to see that he had collaborated with a composer on this new project.

Aldo Aréchar’s music is beautiful and the perfect compliment to DiVito’s images. Together they create something pretty magical. The music is taken from Aréchar’s new EP I and it’s available as a free download here. Also make sure to give a listen to his album Water, I’ve been working to it all week and it’s fantastic!

January 2, 2013