Top Five From LAIY: Week of December 17


This week on Los Angeles, I’m Yours, we spent a lot of time reflecting on what we shared all year. This included lots of lists of our favorite thats and this, these things and those things: we recapped ourself for a week! If you haven’t had a chance to poke through LAIY in the past year, we did it for you and chose the best in subjects from art to drinks to dramas. Enjoy the best of what we’ve done for 2012 and what we enjoyed most in Los Angeles in 2012. See you in 2013!

Best Music of 2012!
Best Retail and Fashion of 2012!
Biggest Dramas of 2012!
Our Favorite Editorials of 2012!
The Best Food of 2012!
The Best Drinks of 2012!
Saddest Food Moments in 2012!
Our Favorite Events of 2012!
The Biggest Trends of 2012!
Our Most Disappointing Moments of 2012!
Our Favorite Art Of 2012!
Our Favorite Featured Interviews of 2012!

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