The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Dark Igloo (2/2)

Dark Igloo wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Dark Igloo (2/2)

Yesterday’s Dark Igloo Desktop Wallpaper was a stark, holiday-ish NICE from Dave Franzese. Today is other half of the duo Mark Miller’s take for your desktop which is a collection of black, grey, silver, and off-white toy accessories from many of our childhoods. See any that look familiar? Surely you do. The image almost feels like a display of weapons that a character in Robot Chicken would grab during a fight scene, which adds a really playful quality to it. That said, it retains a very understated sophistication from the perfect balancing of light and color. Miller’s wallpaper is backhandedly about the holiday season as it references toys, memory, youth, and nostalgia in one clean image. Now let’s all spend the afternoon trolling eBay for action figures from when we were kids…