The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Dark Igloo (1/2)

Dark Igloo wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Dark Igloo (1/2)

I’ve been friends with the homies of Dark Igloo, made up of duo Dave Franzese and Mark Miller, for a few years now, and they’re two of the most creative dudes I know. Taking a look at their portfolio you can see the amazing amount of diverse thinking they posess – each project is unique and totally engaging. The guys hit me up recently with some beautiful wallpapers that I’ll be sharing today and tomorrow. The first is Dave’s wallpaper who’s keeping things NICE. I feel like this is a perfect wallpaper for the season; nothing overly holiday but certainly fits the vibe of the weather. Check back tomorrow for Mark’s wallpaper which is a throwback to the little things that made up (some) of our childhoods.