‘Know Til Now’, A New Song by Jim James

'Know Til Now', A New Song by Jim James

Yesterday at work my buddy Frank was playing some music when a song came on that caught my ear. I asked him what it was, he looked to his Spotify, and said “It’s Jim James.” For at least 10 seconds I was trying to process this statement. “It does sound like Jim James… but it’s so… odd,” I thought. Sure enough, Mr. James has a new solo album called Regions of Light and Sound of God which comes out on February 5 on ATO Records. The song above, Know Til Now, is the first and holy geez is it an amazing jam. It honestly reminds me of the whacked out solo albums of the late 90s/early 00s that folks like Scott Weiland put out. The track blends all sorts of elements into it like disco, jazz, blues all tied together with James’ signature falsetto. This definitely gets me excited for the upcoming album.

December 18, 2012 / By