Rdio’s Best of the Year 2012

Rdio's Best Songs of 2012

It’s fairly well known that I’m a huge fan of Rdio, my preferred method of streaming music. It’s got an amazing interface design, a spot-on recommendation and just he right amount of social integration so I can see what my friends are currently listening to. That said, the folks at Rdio also have pretty great taste, as evidenced by their Best of the Year playlist.

They’ve got some great categories like “Album That Never Left Your Heavy Rotation” (it was definitely Frank Ocean) or “Best Album to Take on Your Visionquest”. Definitely 12 great tracks to check out, and perhaps find some tunes you’ve never heard before.

On a sidenote I’d also suggest checking out Aquarium Drunkard’s 2012 Year in Review as well. He’s got a selection of pretty amazing but obscure albums that you’ve probably never heard. Justin’s taste is always on point so I’m sure you’ll find something new to listen to.

December 17, 2012 / By