Top Five From LAIY: Week Of December 10


Pressing Ahead: An Interview With Rosanna And Joel Kvernmo Of Iron Curtain Press
Letterpressing is such an old, wonderful printing method. Not as many people as you would think practice the craft but the few who do practice it are doing an absolutely brilliant things. Rosanna and Joel Kvernmo are huge letterpressers and run LA boutique printing company Iron Curtain Press. We visited their studio to see how the crazy tools and products that’ve made over the years. They’re super awesome! Also, if you like what you see, please enter the Iron Curtain Press calendar giveaway we are doing. Entries in by Tuesday!

How Is Echo Park Lake Looking?
Echo Park Lake has been under a screen of construction for what seems like forever. We heard news that it was starting to be filled and that things were on the up and up for the Lake: we had to see for ourselves. Last Sunday we spent the day wandering around the lake and peeping over the fence to see what was going on: there is a lot of work to be done on the lake but it is coming along. A big thing we noticed is that they’re going to be restoring a lot of elements that the original lake had. Cool!

Playa’s Mexi-China Menu
Chef John Sedlar’s Playa on Beverly Blvd is a little beacon of culinary curiosity. Sedlar is not a complacent chef and is always finding ways to intrigue and innovate. His latest effort is the Mexi-China Menu, a sampling of food experiments that pair Mexican and Chinese flavors, dishes, and more together for Transcpacific mishmashes. We had an absolute hoot and holler here.

A Chocoliday With Jonathan Grahm
Compartés is a small chocolate brand based out of Brentwood who make chocolate with an amazing taste and incredibly beautiful packaging. We spoke with young chocolatier and brand head Jonathan Grahm about his chocolates, the holidays, and what he’s most excited about in his collection. There is some really, really mouthwatering stuff. You’re going to want to gift these as he is the design driven, West Coast answer to the Mast Brothers.

A Tour Of First Congregational Church Of Los Angeles
You don’t think of LA as a city you where you’d tour architectural landmarks, especially churches. Surprise: there are a few great spots like this! First Congregational Church of Los Angeles is a perfect example of this. The 1931 built church is a step into LA history and home to many curiosities (a chapel built to the dimensions of the Mayflower, turn-of-the-century stained glass windows, the world’s largest pipe organ). They hold a free Sunday tour once a month and it is well worth the trip.

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