The Miller House Archives


The Miller House Archive

The Miller House Archive

The Miller House in Columbus, Indiana is a pretty lucky building.  Not only was the house was designed by Eero Saarinen for Irwin Miller and his wife, Xenia, but also the project has been meticulously documented and well preserved. The preservation for the house has largely been thanks to the longevity of the owners. Construction finished on the house in 1957 and the house was occupied by the couple until both died: Irwin in 2004 and Xenia in 2008. Now the house belongs to the Indianapolis Museum of Art who has continued to care for and preserve the house while opening it to the public for tours.

The museum is also making the documentation surrounding the home’s construction open to the public. Since it’s 2012 (at least for another couple of weeks) the museum has started a tumblr with hundreds of memos, sketches, letters, et cetera that all tell the story of the house taking shape.  The digital archive continues to grow and likely will grow for a while– there are over twenty thousand individual documents associated with the house that the museum now owns. And then there is the house, itself.  If you’re not familiar, the IMA has plenty of website devoted to the house. But if you’re more interested in the sometimes surprising artifacts and correspondence behind the house’s day-lit walls, the Documenting Modern Living Tumblr may be more to your liking.

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