Woodblock Chocolate – Handmade in Portland

Woodblock Chocolate - Handmade in Portland

Woodblock Chocolate - Handmade in Portland

While I was in Portland I happened to pick up a couple of bars of chocolate from local chocolatiers, Woodblock Chocolate. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I do love beautiful design. As soon as I laid eyes on that blue and white packaging I knew I had to try it. They also have that lovely logo, the W is particularly charming, which has a hand crafted appeal. It pairs quite well with the typewriter face that’s used sparingly on the front and quite effectively on the back.

It’s also nice to see that the chocolate has been individually numbered by a person, something that you don’t see often enough. The chocolate was extremely delicious, coming in a standard sort of chocolate flavor as well as a salted variety which is quite amazing. If I haven’t convinced you to get a couple of bars for yourself, I think they about section might seal the deal. This is what inspiration is all about.

For us, making chocolate from the bean is like realizing a dream that we did not even know we had! The more we learn about chocolate, the more we understand how everything we have previously done has lead to this. We are wildly excited to be able to share what we have learned with you in the form of face meltingly delicious chocolate made from two ingredients: cacao and pure cane sugar.

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