Top Five From LAIY: Week Of December 3

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of December 3

Stark Landscapes: An Interview With Sean Higgins
Sean Higgins is a fantastic artist who uses photographs of Southern California lanscape as the basis for minimalistic, sci-fi worlds. They are very heady and allow yourself to project your own image into them and to figure out what is missing. Higgins finds that the Southern California world around him is responsible for a lot of these images as well as his want to make his art pieces more than images but tactile items. His work is wonderful.

Meegan Barnes Does Dogs
Meegan Barnes is a local illustrator who makes fantastic work. One set that really stook out to us was her work on dogs. Sure, we are (Ahem, I am.) huge about the dog and art intermix and Barnes’ work is great. You’ll want to check out her portraits of dogs as little people because they are particularly cute.

The LA Holiday 25
In order to help locals (and beyond!) navigate what to purchase for the holidays, we have started to chronicle our favorite twenty five items to purchase this holiday from local makers. They range from cool boots to Kenny Scharf’s Kiehl’s collaboration to the above $6K deer head with a halo. We’ll be sharing through Christmas itself and posts are going up each day at noon PST: check it out!

Inside The New J.Crew Mens Store
If you live in Los Angeles and have gone to The Grove lately, you’ve noticed that the J.Crew is changing–and a J.Crew mens’ store is coming! Well, the wait is over because the new J.Crew Mens Store is open!! It’s gorgeous…and every man in LA is going to lose all of their money to this store, which sucks.

The Allah-Las Self-Titled LP
The Allah-Las are a local surf-rock band who released their first LP. The album is pretty great and fun and totally all about beachy psychedelic rock music that will make you feel like you are hanging out in sunny Malibu even though it is at the start of Winter. Give the album a listen this Friday afternoon: it’ll help your day go by faster.

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