Characters from The Hobbit brilliantly sketched by Erik B. Krenz

I didn’t think that I was that excited about the release of The Hobbit, but in the last few days the prospect of its imminent release seems to have gotten to me and I’m now fully caught-up in all the hype that’s surrounding the film. Someone else who is also very excited about its release is illustrator Erik Krenz. Recently he posted a series of sketches based on some of the characters over on his blog and they’re just fantastic.

Above you can see drawings of Bilbo, Gandalf, Smaug and Gollum. They’re excellent illustrations and I think they capture the characters from the book just perfectly. Each one of them, feels to me, to be exactly as I imagined them when I first read Tolkien’s book.

Erik is based in Minneapolis and works as a freelance designer. You can go see more of what he does by checking out his site here.

These illustrations are also a good reminder of the Re-Covered Books competition that we’re currently running on the site. We’re still looking for people to design a cover for The Hobbit so if you’re interested in getting involved you can find out more details here. The competition close of December 15.

December 7, 2012 / By