Top Five From LAIY: Week of November 26

Top Five From LAIY: Week of November 26

Shaping Time: An Interview With Elyse Graham
Elyse Graham is a fantastic artist that we’ve been a bit obsessed with. She is currently making these neon, melty looking geodes that–when cut open–reveal these complex geographies of her time shaping and molding them. They’re insane! Funny enough, they were born out of her trying to cope with the lack of time markers in Los Angeles. More on this in a moment…

A New Identity For The University of California
It’s always great to see gigantic institutions switching up how they look to be a bit more contemporary. University of California did this in a big way recently by totally revamping their brand identity. It’s certainly very West coast and very, very beachy. We’re into it.

Things We’ll Miss About Portland, Things We Missed About Los Angeles
Along with Bobby, we were up in Portland and, because we cannot be without our constant comparing to LA, we made a little list of what we liked about Portland, what we weren’t too hot on, and what we missed about LA. We certainly loved Portland but, boy, is it good to be home.

LOST (in LA)
This is interesting: the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery has a show up based on the JJ Abrams’ show LOST but presents it in a very intriguing way. Instead of John Locke sculptures and cocaine filled Virgin Mary paintings, artists took the concepts of the show–confusion, loss, struggle, etc.–and turned them into a crazy art show. It’s certainly strange but that’s also why it’s so entrancing…

Like Elyse, we have a tough time marking time in LA. We wrote a little essay to note how complicated it is here and how we try to cope. This week it has certainly felt Autumnal as it has been very rainy: finally a way to tell that it isn’t Summer!!