‘I’m Fine Thanks’ – A dark, disturbing and wonderfully brilliant short

'I'm Fine Thanks' - A dark, disturbing and wonderfully brilliant short

I’m Fine Thanks is a short animation created by the Irish animator Eamonn O’Neill during his first year studying at London’s RCA. The film is pieced together through a series of short vignettes that show the unfolding frustrations of a small, strange man as he goes from helpless flunky to raging maniac.

It’s an odd film which is at times dark and disturbing but Eamonn’s skill as a director means it’s totally engaging and the humor is devilishly black. Visually, I’m Fine Thanks is amazing. I love the colors that are used and I’m particularly fond of the way the lines buzz on screen with every frame.

Recently Eamonn has become an animation director at the wonderful Studio AKA and his graduate film Left is currently doing the rounds at film festivals. You can check out a short but brilliant trailer for it online here.

November 29, 2012 / By